Our Ten Best- Episode 27: Super Nintendo Games

EarthBound_BoxThe Super Nintendo was not only one of the greatest video game consoles ever produced, it’s a system that still has a huge fan base that plays it. Emulators and used game stores have paved the way for the system to still have a faint plus, almost 20 years after its release. In this post, ReviewFix.com, shares what they believe to be the 10 best games on the system.

Simply put, if you call yourself a fan of the system or video games in general, you owe it to play every one of these.

Honorable mention:
Earthworm Jim, Contra III: Alien Wars, Super Mario World II: Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario Kart, Secret of Evermore and Final Fantasy 3.

10-Tetris Attack: Easily the best puzzle game on the SNES, “Tetris Attack” has aged marvelously to this day and because of that, it is still a blast to play. You wouldn’t think that simply moving boxes around to make patterns would be this fun, but this title is one of a kind and even though there have been numerous sequels, albeit even with different names, they don’t stand up to the original.

9-Act Raiser: Combining elements of a traditional sim and a basic platformer, this game doesn’t seem to offer a whole lot, but when combining a staunch difficulty and one of the best soundtracks ever, “Act Raiser” is easily one of the best hybrid games of all times.

8-Super Punch Out: The first one was amazing, but the sequel on the SNES added more gameplay options, better graphics and an even tougher difficulty, making it easily one of the best sequels in video game history.

7-Super Castlevania IV:
Hardcore fans of this series still love this game and for good reason, it’s amazing. Combining an excellent soundtrack, a plethora of levels to explore, crazy difficulty and a great story, “Super Castlevania IV” is in a league of its own.

6-Donkey Kong Country:
Even after close to 15 years, this game is still gorgeous. Because of that, people will always play it. However, it’s still easily one of the deepest and most rewarding platformers you can ever experience.

5-Legend of Zelda:
A Link to the Past: The first truly open world RPG. Unlike the first game in the series, “Link to the Past” made it so much easier to navigate and therefore fun to search through the world and accomplish your goals. A high-quality soundtrack, good-looking sprites and of course an amazing story highlight one of the best adventure/RPG experiences on any system.

4-Super Mario World:
If you haven’t owned this game at some point in your life, you may not only be an alien, you might be the worst gamer ever. Continuing the type of gameplay that was made famous in “Mario Bros. 3,” this title has it all.

3-Super Mario RPG:
Huge in terms of what it did for the system and Nintendo, this title managed to combine all of the things that were great about the old Mario games and make them fresh and fun all over again. Possessing classic RPG elements and a timeless story, it would be a classic on any system.

2-Earthbound: Ness is not only one o the most relate-able heroes in RPG history, he may also be the coolest. Walking around in this huge world this game provides was an experience most gamers weren’t ready for in the mid-’90s and even today, completing it can take away weeks from your life. There’s just so much to do and see in this title that it upped the ante for so many other games in the genre and helped made the modern video game more of a work of art than a kid’s toy.

1-Chrono Trigger: Speaking of upping the ante, “Chrono Trigger” is without a doubt a gaming masterpiece. Despite excelling in its story-telling, it also has some of the best graphics on the system, a killer soundtrack and is chock-full of content. If it wasn’t for games like this, the RPG genre would not have picked up in the United States as fast as it did. Before games like this, RPGs were considered “too difficult” for Americans. Not anymore baby.

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