The ‘Lost’ Girls

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Remember “Dark Shadows”? Barnabas Collins is the accursed vampire who falls for a woman who is the dead ringer for the love he lost centuries ago.

Well, in the tradition of this iconic television show, the history of the Salvator brothers is revealed as Elena learns the truth as to why Stefan has been so secretive.

In the meantime, Damon has escaped his cell and feeds off of the druggies from last week’s episode. For some unexplained reason, he rescues Vicki and proceeds to spend the day exchanging fluids – with an inexplicable amount of dancing going on. Somehow they bond over Vicki’s extremely low self-esteem.

Then Damon does something typical, yet unexpected.

Meanwhile in a series of flashbacks, it is explained how Katherine came between the Salvator brothers. It seems that Katherine was a vampire who, in an intimate moment with each brother, turned them. She wanted the three of them to spend an eternity together.

Then there is the situation with a watch that belongs to Elena’s family. It seems to hold the key to whatever it is the Mayor and his cohorts are planning. Sheriff Forbes and reporter Logan Fell are sent into the woods to eliminate the problem of Mystic Falls. Unfortunately, they bungle the job and get the wrong brother, which leads to a domino effect that no one will be able to handle.

The story is interesting and in a book it would be a page turner that you could not put down. However, there needs to be a different type of pacing that should heighten the exciting moments for the viewer and that isn’t in this episode. The momentum is still like rolling a boulder uphill. And the exertion isn’t worth it in the end.

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