Trouble in Paradise

Season_Five_Title_CardThe Winchester boys have got some problems. It seems that Sam is the perfect candidate for Satan’s vessel. In the meantime, Dean decides that they should attempt to battle Armageddon apart from one another. Suddenly, he wakes up and it’s five years later. Let’s just say that 2014 is not a friendly place.

It seems that President Palin has helped bring Ragnarok, Dean’s hunting buddies have passed on and worst of all: his car is left to rust. Essentially, the arch-angel Zachariah (Kurt Fuller) has sent Dean “back to the future” to find out what life will be like if he doesn’t allow himself to be the archangel Michael’s vessel. This adventure leads the 2009 Dean to encounter his 2014 self and it isn’t pretty – but it is humorous. This time, the writing reigns are held by Ben Edlund and as usual, it is top notch as it blends action, drama and wit.

As with every episode, the core deals with family relationships. It seems that Lucifer simply couldn’t bow down to his father’s “hairless apes.” Yes, folks: the devil has a daddy complex. Zachariah brings Dean back, begging him to give himself up to Michael. The choice Dean makes is in typical Winchester fashion and as usual, Castiel has impeccable timing. Although they brought on the apocalypse, the five years of this show has proven that these brothers are stronger together than apart.

One thing is certain: Dean and Sam will “make their own future.” It’s as Satan said: no matter what happens, they’ll always end up “here.” Tune in next week as the Winchesters fight the evils of the world.

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