Last Week in Free MP3s Nov. 12

malato“Mulatu” – Mulatu Astatke

The jazz-Ethiopian infused arrangements shine in this melodic track. It’s the perfect tune to chill out and relax to. Although Astatke has been around for decades he still seems under the radar. Give this song a listen – it’s a nice change of pace from the tween-tunes that are out now.

“Boat Behind” – Kings of Convenience

With its mediocre lyrics and boring musical arrangement you’ll probably fall asleep before this song is over. Skip it.

“Hello Sunshine” – Barlowgirl

This happy ditty will instantly put you in a good mood. Set to a whimsical, rhythmic beat “Hello Sunshine” demands you to “let in the sunshine” and makes you like it.

“Scream” Lita Ford

If there is such a thing as a subdued heavy-metal rock song, then Lita Ford has found it. “Scream” makes you wonder where has Ford been? From the album Wicked Wonderland this song should put her back on the music radar.

“Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” – Mitchell Musso

Remember The Police and front man Sting? They made this track an instant classic. If you don’t already have their version, get it instead of this watered-down one.

“Hell” – Tegan and Sara

This song comes off annoying at first, but stay with it. Its fast rhythmic pace coupled with the urgent sounding lyrics makes it a fun bubble-gum, rock fest that will be over before you know it. Not bad for a free download.

“These Roads Don’t Move” – Jay Farrar and Benjamin Gibbard

Farrar and Gibbard have created an ordinary track. It’s not terrible, but it’s not memorable in a good way either. Before the song is over you’ve already forgotten it. Skip it.

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