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Kirby's_Adventure_CoverartAlmost 15 years after Kirby’s Adventure was originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, everyone’s favorite pink powder puff/marshmallow superhero has been given a chance to strut his stuff again on Wii Virtual Console and is still one of the most entertaining games of all-time. Never known as one of the longer adventure games on the NES, Kirby’s Adventure is a short-lived one, but the charm and cuteness that made it an 8-bit classic is even more noticeable to this day.

As Kirby, players can fly and jump around enemies or can simply suck them up and steal their powers through seven worlds and 40+ levels in an effort to defeat the evil DeDeDe. Encountering new enemies and bosses every step of the way, that you can steal powers from, Kirby’s Adventure produces a different gameplay experience almost every time it’s played. While the game itself isn’t very long, taking only about six hours to beat, every level is filled with at least a half dozen different enemies that the player can steal powers from, giving the game a replay value not found in many NES games.

Adding to the overall gameplay experience are the adorable-looking sprites and environments in the game that still hold up well to this day. While they were awesome looking in 1993, the characters in Kirby’s Adventure still get the get the job done aesthetically and give the game a charm and personality that make the game a must-own for anyone that missed it when it was originally released, or anyone that can’t get their hands on the original version. The level design of Kirby’s Adventure also goes a long way in getting the most out of the game’s graphics, as different colors and environments are used in every level, with each one having its own distinctive feel and look that make them much different from each other.

While the graphics are still sound after over a decade since the game’s original release, the audio and sound effects are the cherry on top of an already great game. The in-game music and sound effects still sound great and do an admirable job of giving a voice to Kirby’s endearing story and are a perfect fit in the colorful and fun world the game takes place in.

However, despite the fact that the game still holds up well after all this time, the biggest reason to pick it up is its inexpensive cost. For only 500 Wii points [or five dollars], you can download Kirby’s Adventure from the Nintendo Shop channel on the Wii and never have to worry about blowing on an old NES cartridge in order to play this timeless classic.

Given the current Virtual Console lineup on the Wii, with games like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania and a bevy of others still available on the Game Boy Advance, Kirby’s Adventure is a true gem and a must-own title because it isn’t available anywhere else.

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