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Season_Five_Title_CardEpisode Commentary: “Changing Channels”

The trickster’s (Richard Speight Jr. “Jericho”) back and traps the Winchester boys in a demonic version of TV Land. As the onset of the apocalypse is on the verge of erupting Sam wants to make “Facebook friends” with the demi-god who repeatedly killed Dean off in one of season three’s episodes (“Mystery Spot”). However, before they can talk to the trickster he traps them in the medical show “Sexy Hospital.” This is Jeremy Carver and Nancy Weiner’s way of exploring the fascination that people have with shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” Japanese game shows and commercials that propagate medication for sexually transmitted diseases.

As Sam and Dean unsuccessfully deal with the trickster, they decide to play along until they find a way out of this fabricated reality. What is revealed is that someone wants Sam and Dean to “play the roles that destiny” has chosen for them (to be the vessels of Satan and Saint Michael) and have the ultimate showdown. The problem is that if they don’t agree they’ll be trapped there – forever.

Although they cleverly escape the trickster’s trap (or so they think), the Winchesters have a bigger problem. It seems that who they were dealing with is taking orders from someone, or is more powerful than their mischievous nemesis, especially since he cancels out Castiel’s angelic abilities and sends him to whereabouts unknown. Once again we come across another archangel with family issues who schools Sam and Dean on “What you call the apocalypse, [he] calls family dinner.”

Yet another layer is added to this intriguing saga by answering the question: what do you do when you’ve brought Armageddon to earth? As the writers and Charles Beeson answer with witty dialogue, comedic touches and heart wrenching moments we see that there are many more stories to tell about these brothers.

Tune in next week as we see multiple Sams and Deans; yet another episode not to be missed.

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