Wilkos Takes a Different Approach to the Same Old Show

Steve-WilkosJerry Springer is still up to his old tricks and is still trying to pass his show off as reality, but after two seasons, his former security guard Steve Wilkos is still trying a different approach to the tired talk-show genre his mentor created.

However, make no mistake about it, this show is as rehearsed as an Episode of Monday Night Raw and is equally as wacky.

Screaming at his guests until his face looks like a tomato, Wilkos is entertaining and does a great job of making the audience feel that he’s a blue-collar dude. Regardless of his trademark bald head and big blue eyes though, he is not the every man he claims to be, or at least hasn’t been for quite some time. According to various sources on the web, after he quit the Chicago Police Department to take a job with Jerry Springer for more money, Wilkos even attempted a short-lived career in Professional Wrestling during the show’s short hiatus in 2002, rather than go back to the CPD.

Continuing to work with Springer until his own show started in 2007, Wilkos has quickly established a rabid fan base by defending the fact that addicts need tough love in order to get over their addictions and that child molesters need to be punished and come face to face with the people’s lives that they’ve ruined. While I agree with that statement with every ounce of conviction in my heart, the way Wilkos goes about this is a joke. Using the lie detector, a machine that he seems to swear by, he thinks that he is the answer to these people’s prayers.

He is not.

There have even been times when the lie-detector had not been able to find a definite answer and Wilkos ripped the person who took it apart. Not only does this not solve the problem, it doesn’t even provide the parties involved with any type of closure they need to move on with their lives. Simply put, after seeing this guy work for more than a half decade with a guy with the credibility that Springer has, I’m not sure that I’ll ever be convinced he’s for real.

However, the worst part of all of this is that Wilkos is a former police officer from Chicago and a former Marine. He is supposed to be a morally-upstanding person that other Americans can look up to. Unfortunately, Wilkos is the complete sellout. At the end of every show, Wilkos reads e-mails of varying candor and either rips the letter “a new one” or gives the writer an autographed T-shirt.

It’s a shame that at the end of his show, Wilkos can’t get his ethics back from the companies and people he’s given it away to.

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  1. yeah the show is a complete hoax i knew this once i saw that Jerry Springer was behind it
    is fake the lie detectors the stories for higher ratings is all fixed for example all these so called child
    molesters which i doubt they are lol why in the hell would they agree to go on national tv and lie about it
    knowin they are gonna take a lie detector? this people are getting paid big bucks and trust me i know
    cause a so called black step dad who molested his young step daughter is a co worker of mines
    he never knew these people untill they got on the set is all practice and rehearse they gave em some papers
    which state he took part in a dramatization of things that happened in society in other words a roll just like the
    one any actor or actress takes so he wont be persecuted by current employment or authorities but still
    that didnt stop some angry men from breaking a bottle over his head one night this show is evil and it makes
    people risk their lives by being on ti lying for these corporate devils who want higher ratings

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