‘Alone’ for the Holidays

“Home Alone” is a fun-filled comedy, full of laughs that will leave you falling out of your seat and anxiously checking for the presence of your wayward young. A special film that makes you want to gather by the television as the fire place is lit and experience a holiday comedy that the whole family will enjoy, “Home Alone” is one of a kind.

Kevin McAllister, played by Macaulay Culkin [“The Good Son”], is an eight-year-old boy who is accidentally left behind by his family as they attend a Christmas trip to Paris. Kevin is now the man of the house, and gets to do what he wants, when he wants, quite a contrast from his normal role in the home, that includes him having to share a room with a known bed wetter. The only problem is: can he handle himself in a showdown with a couple goon robbers named Marv [Daniel Stern, “Bush Wacked”] and Harry [Joe Pesci, “The Super”], who are raiding all the homes they can during the holiday season?

Although the two may seem scary to Kevin at first, he shows them that he is not afraid and makes many traps around the house from flying paint cans, slippery steps, blow torch to the head, and many more that cause plenty of pain to both Harry and Marv, but at the same time, create plenty of laughs to the audience watching. With Kevin’s parents trying their best to come home after realizing they have left their son all alone, Kevin continues to raise hell, taking names, and protecting the only battle ground he knows: his home.

“Home Alone” was directed by the late John Hughes [“The Breakfast Club”], who does a great job of creating a comedy that is enjoyable for the entire family especially, around the Christmas holiday.

With Christmas here, “Home Alone” is the perfect holiday film to pop in. You will experience the joys and nightmare of what could happen if two robbers try to raid your home, and what you will do to try and stop them. Nothing but fun will come out of this film.

They say Christmas is the time for giving. For Kevin McAllister, that includes plenty of pain to both Harry and Marv.

Merry Christmas.

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