guerratroma“TROMA’S WAR” (1988)
Street Date: 1.26.10 – List Price: $19.95


In the grand tradition of ‘DIRTY DOZEN’.”

The Hollywood Reporter

(New York, NY) – While the eyes of the world follow the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, audiences can watch the film that tackled the issues of those wars years in advance. Troma Entertainment today announced the 1/26 release of Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz’s TROMA’S WAR on special edition DVD. Misunderstood upon initial release for its ruthless satire, audiences have since embraced TROMA’S WAR as one of the great anti-war films. The film’s controversial depictions of violence and AIDs, a subject virtually swept under the rug by the media and popular culture in 1988, led to a long battle with the MPAA that resulted in a butchered R-rated cut of the movie. For the upcoming special edition DVD, Troma has lovingly restored the uncut version of the film, making it more than a worthy follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Troma Retro re-release of COMBAT SHOCK.

After achieving major success around the world with the satires THE TOXIC AVENGER and CLASS OF NUKE ’EM HIGH, Kaufman and Herz set out to make the ultimate action satire criticizing Reaganism. Rick Washburn (ANGEL HEART) and Jessica Dublin (FELLINI SATYRICON) lead an ensemble cast of American tourists who crash land on a remote Caribbean island that is home to a ruthless terrorist group. The survivors retaliate against the threat of improvised explosive devices and mass poisonings such as anthrax, making TROMA’S WAR a film ahead of its time. With a multi-million dollar budget, TROMA’S WAR is the famed independent studio’s most expensive and elaborate production. Exclusive bonus features on this special edition DVD include “Veteran’s Day: A Post-Tromatic Reunion,” “Kill-O-Meter” (all the carnage of TROMA’S WAR with none of the story!), a commentary by director Lloyd Kaufman, vintage interviews with cast and crew, and much more.

“I have long maintained that TROMA’S WAR is our undiscovered masterpiece,” recalls Lloyd Kaufman. “Originally released during the 1980s, a decade of American Cold War machismo, TROMA’S WAR was our answer to Reagan and Rambo… We felt that ‘war’ was a word that seemed to be on everyone’s lips these days. We thought it would be interesting to drop some typical ‘harmless’ citizens of Tromaville into a war environment. We also had some things to say about who is ‘pulling the strings’ concerning war and terrorism.”

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