Bargain Bin Gaming- Episode 30: NHL 06

NHL_06_CoverartIn spite of being over four years old, NHL 06 provides a solid hockey experience with more options, excellent graphics and great control, especially when compared to anything released before it.

The first thing that catches one off guard when they play NHL 06 is the presentation. The game plays and sounds phenomenal; throwing tons of stats during every play stoppage with great play by-play and color commentary. EA Canada did a great job of making this game a hockey fan’s dream come true by adding things like crowd screams after every hit, save and penalty call, giving players the kind of atmosphere that only induces the game to be played more.

The graphics in NHL 06 are truly what set the game apart from NHL 2K6. While 2K6 uses the same player models from 2K5 with minor improvements, NHL 06 has brand new player models, animations and a custom create-a-player mode that is deeper than any other in any hockey game ever created. You almost have to look a little bit harder at NHL 06 to believe it’s a video game. Players argue calls, take hits and perform with uncanny realism. Graphic fanatics should without a doubt feel satisfied by how NHL 06 looks.

If playing great and looking gorgeous wasn’t enough NHL 06 has a bevy of options to keep any die-hard hockey fan satisfied. NHL 06 has over 60 teams to choose from, including teams from all over Europe. NHL 2006 also has an extremely deep season mode and a host of mini-games for those who are just looking for a casual gaming experience.

Overall, while NHL 06 doesn’t have the raw realism that has made the NHL 2k series a household name, it does have better control, better graphics and is much more fun to play, making it worth the purchase price and then some.

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