Bargain Bin Gaming- Episode 28: Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade

utbobOver the past decade, gamers have seen the evolution the hack and slash RPG genre with great titles like “Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance,” “Champions of Norrath,” “Marvel Ultimate Alliance” and “Diablo 3.” While all of these games were phenomenal, attempts at making great games similar to these on a portable console have all fallen under heavy scrutiny.

Translating an old hack and slash game or creating a new one for a portable is no easy task, as programmers usually have to water down many of the great features that make these types of games so great. This is definitely not the case with “Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade” for the PSP, as it has every feature available within it to make it not only a great game on the PSP, but a great game for those that love the genre. Untold Legends takes the best elements from the “Champions of Norrath” series and incorporates them to make a defining game in the PSP library.

The thing that hurts Untold Legends the most is that it doesn’t have the greatest create-a-character, as there are only a few different hairstyles and skin colors to choose from for each character class. Thankfully to the games benefit however it does offer a slew of different weapons and special abilities that get the most out of your character.

Players can choose between four different classes that consist of Knights, Berserkers, Alchemists and Druids, each with their own special weapons that make them unique in their own way. Playing through the game as a Knight is probably the smartest thing to do if you’re new to the hack and slash genre, as it is pretty straight forward and is well suited for novice button mashers.

Hardcore gamers will tend to gravitate towards the Berserker class due to the amount of speed the class has. Playing through this game with a Berserker means rationing your potions wisely and making the most out of every attack, considering you can be simultaneously attacked by up to 10 monsters at certain parts of the game.

With over 100 levels to explore and a four-player wireless mode, this is one game no gamer will beat in a day. Each character class has plenty of weapons and special items to collect and the way the gameplay is structured, you’ll take your time completing every objective and finding every treasure. The games fantastic gameplay combined with a stellar soundtrack and graphics make this one of the best games to currently buy for the PSP. It’s great in 20-minute bursts on the train and even better on hour-long breaks from school work. There is no reason why any fan of the “Champions of Norrath” series or any challenge hungry PSP owner should be without this title.

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