Don’t Dream, It’s Not Over Yet

dexter_wall_03_1280x1024A race against time is what Dexter faces as he tries to save a kidnapped boy at the hands of Trinity in “Lost Boys,” the tenth episode of this riveting season of Dexter.

The start of this installment has a more cinematic feel, with Dexter on the hunt for Trinity. He thinks that he is out to kill a woman, but instead he is out to snatch a 10-year-old boy, and we discover an extra part of his kill cycle: That Trinity kills in fours instead of threes. (The nickname, however, stays the same.)

With just two episodes left, Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall, is constantly on the run, trying to find the missing boy before Trinity kills him. We discover that Trinity is keeping the youth in a bomb shelter that was used during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Trinity’s craziness is unveiled as he sets up a train set, which he plays with as he continuously calls the boy Arthur. It is quite obvious that Trinity is playing the role of his father, talking to who he thinks is his son. The serial killer plays a few old records, one of which had him in tears because it was his sister’s favorite song.

Christina finally gets her interview with Debra, in which the latter turns the tables and interrogates her by making her turn her head after looking at dead pictures of Lundy and cutting the interview short. Debra and Bautista, who witnessed the interview, now believe that Christina has something to do with the shooting involving Debra and Lundy. With a DNA sample from a toothbrush, it was uncovered that Christina is related to Trinity.

Dexter finally discovers where Trinity is hiding and, with several clues, finds out that Trinity uses cement to bury his victims. As Trinity is about to bury the boy, Dexter steps in and saves him. He hits Trinity in the face after a quick tussle, and pulls the boy out of the buried cement to find that he is still alive. After all the chaos, Dexter sees that Trinity has disappeared, and screams Arthur’s name in frustration.

Christina awaits her father, Trinity, and answers a knock at the door, only to find that Quinn, Debra, Bautista and company are there to arrest her. Quinn, obviously upset, pushes Debra’s hand away when she tries to comfort him. This seems to be an interesting situation that will surely unfold as the season reaches its climax.

“Lost Boys” was the weakest episode so far this season. It had plenty of rush, but it also had a big deflation that is certainly disappointing. It seems that this episode is a building block for the final two this season. Let’s just hope that this is not a quirk in the engine that will cause this entire season to break down and destroy a perfectly good transmission. There are many questions to be answered, and several twists can occur. The end is certainly near. Let’s hope for the best.

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