Newest Season of ‘Biggest Loser’ Kicks Off

Surprises and fluids abound in the latest season of the Biggest Loser. This year has brought out the largest contestants yet. What’s more they have the most health problems and heart wrenching stories since this series’ inception. Once again Bob and Jillian get the contestants in shape together. This is a good thing since it takes away from the game play of creating alliances and having the winners of the monetary prizes wind up gaining the weight back (Both Ryan from season 1 and Erik from season three have gained nearly all they lost during the competition.)

In season nine the war against obesity began as the contestants weighed themselves in front of family and friends before arriving on the ranch. As they step out of the limo, before they unpack or face a last chance workout these warriors are confronted with a 26.2 stationary bike ride. What’s the catch – the two teams who come in last place are sent home. A frightening thought for people who weigh on average this season over 400 pounds (The Brown team alone came in weighing nearly a ton.) However there is a twist that you have to see for yourself to believe. After this challenge that happens within the first half of this two-hour season premiere, its workout time. There are contestants who have no cartilage in their knees, sleep apnea, onset diabetes etc. How are Jillian and Bob supposed to help the heaviest set of contestants yet – through a lot of yelling. Jillian wants warriors and Bob pushes these people past their limits. Together they are formidable and don’t even think of using the word can’t in their presence.

Of course pounds drop and yet another contestant is sent home (that’s five in the first episode). What’s amazing about this series is that it showcases the problem of obesity. With each season there are bigger people who are in desperate need of this life-changing experience. Also, say what you will about the practices of Biggest Loser as the seasons go on contestants have kept the weight off by implementing what they learned on the ranch. In the end it’s not about winning money it’s about living the rest of your life.

Of course, next week Jillian and Bob “beat the hell” out of the contestants, as they attempt to defeat the week 2 curse. This is where contestants gain weight as their bodies become accustom to the hellish workouts on the ranch. Either way be sure to tune in to see the sweat and tears flow.

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