Not Much of a ‘Plus’

It’s nearly the end of January and you’re still having a hard time with your new year’s resolution of losing weight. If only there was a tool that is fun, challenging and will help you meet your weight-loss goals. If you’re looking for that in the Wii Fit Plus, then two out three isn’t a bad place to start.

Wii Fit Plus builds on the original in that it has several exercises and games that are geared toward helping you be active and have fun at the same time. There is also a better way to monitor your weight, keep a record of how many steps you take in a day, the measurement of your waist and helps you set mini-goals when it comes to losing weight. There is even a “My Favorites” section which keeps track of your favorite games and workouts.

The new games are fun to play. The obstacle course can be a game onto itself, and being a leader in a marching band is more challenging than you might think. Essentially each new balance game is an involved process that challenges you far more than the original Wii Fit. Having said that if you’re looking to drop “Biggest Loser” type poundage with your Wii Fit Plus then you need to search elsewhere.

Anyone who has practiced yoga for more than five minutes will quickly become bored with this aspect of the game. It is nearly impossible to recreate an effective yoga practice. As a yoga practitioner you are constantly dealing with alignment and positioning and the Wii board is just too sensitive for that. There’s also the problem of breathing while you’re in a yoga position. If you hold your breath you may get a good score. What’s wrong with that? Yoga is all about breathing properly through the postures. With the exception of the sun salutation it’s a waste. Then there is the strength training aspect. If you have to be surgically removed from your couch then you may find this beneficial. However, if you ever had to run for public transportation, then this section wouldn’t be challenging for you either.

The bottom line is Wii Fit Plus gets you moving and with the multiple player option gets you involved with others. The games are still fun and if you break a sweat great. Just don’t expect to see a major weight reduction.

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