Dirty Dancing

“Vampire Diaries” last week revealed just how much Damon’s reckless behavior has caused our mysterious history teacher. Besides knowing more about Alaric’s connection with Damon, it was also revealed that Elena is adopted – further questioning where she fits in with Katherine.

This week’s episode brings us to another gathering as Mystic Falls throws a ‘50s themed party at the local high school. In the meantime, there’s also another vampire in town, which means vervain jewelry for everyone, but that doesn’t stop him from stalking Elena.

This episode furthers the momentum of the previous one in that it’s high paced, suspenseful and action packed. The dialogue has picked up, as well. The brotherly banter between Stefan and Damon gets less wooden as the episodes unfold, Elena has become more palpable and Bonnie is actually entertaining.

Meanwhile, as Alaric and Damon meet at the dance, the audience can feel the tension. Does Damon recognize him? Then there’s Jeremy’s new friend. The reason for her sudden appearance in town is revealed. Let’s not forget the has-been jock, Ben, and the return of Matt and Caroline.

Just why exactly is Mystic Falls a vampire magnet and why does everyone want Katherine out of her tomb? One thing is for sure – when the Salvatore brothers team up, it makes for good television.

The audience is in for a treat as the mysteries about Elena’s parentage and Alaric’s connection to Damon unfold. Next week is full of flashbacks, as we see how it all started. Finally, what do the founding fathers of Mystic Falls have to do with what’s happening in the present? Stay tuned to find out.

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