Don’t Mess Around With Bob

The ranch has turned upside down on episode four of “The Biggest Loser.” Bob is confrontational and Jillian cries.

This is the episode where the game playing brings the tension to a fevered pitch. The Red team has made new enemies, but worse than that, they brought Jillian to tears. The first challenge brings on immunity. Of course, there is a twist, which will rock the weigh-in and reverberate throughout the remainder of the season. There’s also a heady challenge where team members battle against each other to call home. As viewers, we tend to forget that these are real people who are trying to change their lives far away from their families. For some, they are apart from them for the first time. That’s why the game playing is infuriating. To see someone throw away the opportunity to work out with Jillian is an insult to anyone who is desperate to better themselves.

Having said that, if you have been working out with “The Biggest Loser” DVDs, or have been working their program on a scale smaller than the show, then you’re likely to have seen some type of result.

On the ranch, they work out as if it’s their job and drop large amounts of weight every week. With the experience of Bob and Jillian combined, there’s no reason why anyone should not shed any excess pounds. And the last chance workout this week proves that as the trainers tag-team to completely exhaust every inch of the contestants’ bodies.

It’s a joy to watch because you don’t have to go through it. Which brings us to a weigh-in that will have you yelling at the screen, watching it through your eyes and leave you emotionally drained all at the same time. There have been some who say that the way the show is filmed creates villains. However, no one can edit the animosity between the Green and Red teams. Make no mistake: There is game-play going on, and that has left several contestants in the past still obese with nothing to show for it.

The contentious atmosphere at the weigh-in comes to a head in the voting room as an angry contestant pouts her way off the show.

Next week, the contestants that were sent away week one are back to win their place in The Biggest Loser house. And stay tuned for the weigh-in that brings everyone to tears. Who will ultimately be the biggest loser? You’ll have to watch what happens next.

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