Pleasure in Metal

The ‘80s were certainly the golden age of heavy metal, as hordes of fans hungrily attended the various performances and eagerly worshiped the barrage of heavy-metal bands out there. With that said, “Full Metal Jackie CERTIFIED” is a book that takes you back to an era when heavy metal was the king of kings, and the many inspirations and tragedies it caused from the meanings and lyrics of each song.

“Full Metal Jackie CERTIFIED,” written by Jackie Kajzer and Roger Lotring, do a wonderful job of putting together a pure treat for heavy-metal fans, such as the 50 most influential songs of the most famous bands of the ‘80s, not to mention several interviews and quotes from the most famous bands of that era, such as Pantera, AC/DC, Metallica, Black Sabbath and many more.

A fun and interesting read, it explores the events that took place while these songs were made, and the effects they had on the listeners. It is simply amazing how tunes can touch people in different ways. There are many who are inspired by the music, and then there are others who take it the wrong way and totally ignore the message, leading to shocking outcomes, such as suicide.

This book is powerful in its own way because it explores the darkness that not only the fans went through, but also that of the bands while they were making the music.

Many bands back then [and maybe even some today] did not make music just for the sake of it. There had to be meaning involved – whether it was experiences of their past, or what they felt at that moment in time, a lesson had to be taught. As a fan, you experience the power behind making music, especially heavy metal, and how the influence can last forever.

The songs in this book still have a long-lasting effect on many people, as well as the band members themselves. The memory of making the music for them and what they were going through at that time is what makes this book that much more exciting to read.

As a reader and a metal head, you will think back and remember the times your favorite songs came out and how they influenced you. Of course, this book has some dark moments with lyrics from several songs conveying messages that you would think were suicidal, but what the band members tell you is totally different, and as you listen to the tracks, you can agree, and tell yourself that this is what they meant all along.

As each page is turned, there is more anticipation and excitement on how these songs were made and, more importantly, why. It is quite amazing to explore why these bands were making music, and what drove them to go that extra mile.

Compared to the ‘80s, times have changed drastically. Back then, heavy metal was music that was highly worshiped. The bands were treated like gods, and fans would go crazy for them. Today it seems that metal is dead, and that all is left are memories of what used to be. With that said, “Full Metal Jackie” takes you back to the ‘80s and brings you the joy and the feeling of how it was to be a fan, banging your head and just letting the music take over and inspire you in any way possible.

This book is a must read if you are not only a fan of heavy metal, but a fan of music in general, because it shows you the power that music can inspire (in positive and negative ways), as well as how you view music as a whole.

Even though religion and politics are the two main topics that most of these bands were driven to write about, it shows their creative side and their brilliance on how music is made, so if you’re ready for an in-your-face look at the top 50 most influential songs of heavy-metal music of the ‘80s, then “Full Metal Jackie” is the book for you.

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