WWE’s IC Title Compilation A Perfect Package

WWE’s customary documentary treatment over the past decade is to have a documentary provide a plethora of information and either hit the mark with perfection or miss its intended audience entirely. After that, they throw a myriad of extras on the remaining discs and call it a day.

However, the past few DVDs they’ve released have been a bit different, featuring only the matches and barely any back story.

In the case of the new “History of the Intercontinental Title” release:

These matches speak volumes, all by themselves.

Encompassing nearly 30 years of excellent matches, this collection is a must own for any hardcore wrestling fan, as it encompasses some of the best action in the history of the industry and does so for the modest price of $24.99.

In these tough economic times and an era where the sport lacks the same captivating content it used to, you’re not going to get a better package for that much money.

With so many matches and over nine hours of content overall, there is simply something for every type of wrestling fan on this three-disc set.

Seeing matches between Don Muraco and Pedro Morales may take some time to get used to for younger fans, but those who are patient will understand why some of the older battles were and still are nearly as influential as those between Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels. Other matches between HHH and Ric Flair may not have been huge when they were first announced, but watching them now is a testament to the overall weight the title carries in the industry and a great way of filling out the collection without adding any fluff.

Sure, some of the matches have been released on other documentaries by the company and a few aren’t nearly as stellar as some of the marque matches like the Bret Hart and British Bulldog epic, but overall, the package is filled with quality action from start to finish, making it hard to put down once you get started.

In the end, regardless of how many matches you loved- and there will be more than a few, you’ll understand how important the Intercontinental title is to the WWE and the sport itself, making the compilation a wild and undeniable success.

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