Channeling Pain into Rock Pleasure

Incorporating passionate, yet brave lyrics, along with a strong and powerful sound, Day of Fire’s third album “Losing All” gives its listeners a sense of the band’s emotional side.

Day of Fire demonstrates a Christian hard rock point of view, with a slight southern melody. The titles of each track are quite simple, but fit perfectly with what the lead singer, Josh Brown, speaks about. Every song seems to portray some kind of heartache and the experience of losing someone that a person cannot imagine living without. Even though the tracks on this particular album are not too lengthy, Brown’s voice contributes a captivating and memorable sound that many would not mind listening to over and over again.

The message that Day of Fire displays is one that shows an addiction to love and attempting to lose anything, even if it may be all that they have left. This is where the title of the album falls into place. This type of music is calming and soothing, the kind that donates a relieving feeling to someone who at their lowest or is currently on the edge of losing everything that is important in their lives. The songs clearly represent unforgettable memories that a person will sooner or later need to let go of.

The track “Cold Addiction,” mentions the lifestyle of a previous cocaine addict. Having an addiction to a drug is very similar to having an addiction to a person, allowing this song to be appropriately aligned with the others. “Airplane” is another song that strikes an act of reminiscing, explaining the wish of going back in time and reliving an experience that was extremely meaningful and significant.

Brown’s lyrics may be straight from the heart, but it would be nice to include more of these honest words. A majority of the album relies on the choruses to take over each song, barely elaborating on the sensitivity that the vocalist experienced in the past. If more detail was added, Brown’s stories would be easier to understand or relate to.

When first picking this album off of a shelf, “Losing All” is a title that could possibly confuse any individual. Losing everything generally gives off an attitude of no longer keeping what a person may adore. In this case, “Losing All” is a phrase that signifies the start of a fresh new life and trying to get rid of delicate time era.

During the song “Never Goodbye,” the guitarist and the bassist, brothers Joe and Chris Pangallo and drummer Zach Simms merge together to present the same affection that the vocalist provides throughout all of his singing parts. Besides Brown, the rest of the band truly accommodates hard hitting tunes that reflect Brown’s thoughts on “never saying goodbye.” Not only is the music suitable, the additional background vocals allow the lyrics to be extra effective. This track definitely contains the same vibe as the bands Nickelback and The Foo Fighters would account in their songs.

Day of Fire is not the typical modern rock band that most hear on the radio, but they do enjoy sharing what they feel and what occurrences they found to be life changing. Listening to this album will most likely allow listeners to realize that starting fresh is never wrong, and remembering past events is an easier way to get over things that will eventually be lost.

“Losing All” was quite a surprise, yet a success and has the capabilities of leaving a harsh, but pleasant impact straight on the heart.

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