‘Eight Below’ Will Warm Your Heart

Based on a true story, “Eight Below” uses the always successful formula of having incredibly talented and beautiful animals telling the film’s story, rather than actors.

While Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious), Jason Biggs (American Pie) and Moon Bloodgood (Win a Date with Tad Hamilton) all give memorable performances, it’s the dogs of “8 Below” that eventually capture the hearts of the audience, making the movie a must-see.

Stationed at a scientific base in Antarctica, Jerry Shepard (played by Walker) is a tour guide for scientists who wish to explore the area, using his pack of Siberian Huskies to reach any destination on the continent.

When scientist Davis McClaren (played by Bruce Greenwood) comes to the frozen land to look for a meteorite from Mercury, Shepard and the dogs escort the scientist to his destination. Unfortunately, McClaren gets seriously injured and is forced to be flown to a hospital, Shepard, in saving him, suffers serious frostbite and is also taken to the hospital.

As the two are taken to the hospital on the other side of the continent, a storm of epic proportions hits and everyone is evacuated from the base, except the dogs. Unable to get his dogs out for months because of the storm’s severity, Shepard becomes miserable and travels all over the country in an attempt to raise the money necessary to save the animals he cares so much about.

From then after, “Eight Below,” becomes more like a national geographic feature about the life these animals were forced to live for almost a year by themselves in Antarctica, before eventually being saved by Shepard and his friends, than an actual movie.

Simply put, the animals in this movie are not only incredibly intelligent; they are equally as charismatic and beautiful. Any dog lover owes it to themselves to see this movie. Movie-goers who are not avid dog lovers will still be amused enough by the actions of these amazing animals to become not only fans of the movie, but animal lovers as well.

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