I-Tunes Single of the Week Review: Archie Bronson Outfit’s ‘Shark’s Tooth’

After four long years, Archie Bronson Outfit finally released their newest album off of Domino Records, “Coconut,” on March 1st, 2010, delivering fans a taste of what they’ve been doing over the years through their most recent music video for the track, “Shark’s Tooth.”

“Demonstrating a strange, awkward, groovy, yet nifty sound all within the same time, this unique trio only incorporates simple vocals, guitar, and bass, but there’s an illusion of abnormal effects that also seem to be heard.

Nevertheless, during the entire song, vocalist, Sam Windett, makes it difficult for his lyrics to be understood. When first listened to, it wouldn’t be surprising if a single word is not comprehended. His voice is definitely something to get used to, especially if the entire album contains the same type of mumble-jumble.

The background music that all three members, Windett (vocals, guitar), Dorian Hobday (bass, guitar) and Mark Cleveland (drums) are unifying might be fascinating and the only thing that prevents listeners from turning off the song, but it does have a negative side to it as well.

Overall, the structure of the track is too repetitious.

Windett, Hobday and Cleveland’s talents aren’t horrific, but their music isn’t something to favor over.

Lets just hope Archie Branson Outfit didn’t build the rest of “Coconut” the same way “Shark’s Tooth” was.

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