Last Week in Free MP3s 3-16

“Amazon Metal Sampler” – Various Artists

Album samplers are a good way to find new music, and since this track is free it serves as a solid investment that garners huge returns. The album starts off with the group The 69 Eyes with their heavily-guitar laden track “Dead Girls are Easy.” Its irreverent lyrics will be a welcome addition to your mp3 player. The rocking adventure continues with Dir Ein Grey’s live rendition of Dozing Green. It’s another heavy metal track that you’ll be glad you downloaded. Overall the album is well worth your time and you will discover a plethora of new favorites like the groups Goes Cube and Creature with an Atom Brain.

“Good to Be” – Backyard Tire Fire

The laid back vibe in this rock song is perfect to listen to in nearly any situation. Whether you’re in the middle of traffic or relaxing at home you’ll enjoy the lyrics that emphasize that no matters what happens in your life “it’s okay, it’s alright and it’s good to be.”

“Love is a Dirty Word” – Jason Collett

From his latest album “Rat a Tat Tat” this track is nothing to write home about. However the musicianship is listenable and after all it is free.

“Everybody’s Girl” – The Madison Square Gardeners

What makes this song better than the average free download is that it’s a track that you would hunt down once you heard it on the radio. The tune is catchy and the musical arrangement is solid. Every instrument plays their role nicely. Luckily you won’t have to track down this song and it’s free.

“Solitary Gun” – Rogue Waves

One of the great things about free downloads is the discovery of new artists. If the other songs from the album Permalight are half as good as this rocking track, then you need to get it. For now continue to enjoy the multi-use of guitar playing on this well done song.

“Rock Steady” – Bad Company

From their live concert in 2008 the original members from this ‘70s group gives the hard rock treatment to one of their classic hits. It’s the way rock should be played – loud, with heavy guitar licks, rhythmic drums and tight vocals with some audience participation thrown in.

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