Straightening Hairs

After Michael’s (Blue team) devastating decision-making causing his biggest ally to go home, the Blue team must now regroup. This week is work week where the competitors will go into the “real world” where they must make their own meals and fit workouts in when they can. On the positive side their employment will be at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, a good cause that feeds those in dire need. Meanwhile the challenge that gives the winner free groceries for a year means that each team must work together to pull a semi-truck and have one team member pick up puzzle pieces. Yes ladies and gentlemen four people pull a large truck with only their weight and will to assist them. In previous seasons contestants pulled vehicles by themselves, but a semi-truck is where the producers up the ante on this challenge. Will it be the Blue or Black team who wins the challenge?

After the emotional draining challenge reality sets in where the challengers only have an hour or two to work-out and perform an 8-hour job. While it prepares them for the real world Jillian puts into perspective that her team is still the underdogs. There are “five giants and Sunshine” on the Blue team and that causes Sam to rally his Black team to focus on sending another Blue team member home.

The various jobs each team is designated to do gives the show a lighthearted feel. Then reality sets in as the regional manager who looks to be a prime candidate for “The Biggest Loser” tells his story of his father dying at the age of 33. It is what the core of this show is about – giving practical advice to what seems to be an overwhelming situation. On a side note: whoever chooses the music for the show needs to have a lighter hand. There isn’t the need for an over-the-top soundtrack and an emotional voice-over.

The week takes its toll as Sam forgets his lunch at the ranch. Luckily there is the old standby sandwich shop where a healthy, low-caloric meal can be had. Product placement is one of the factors of this show that turns off many viewers. However we must remember that this is a reality show, albeit about weight loss.

That being said this week’s last chance workout is insanely-grueling. After a gym that literally shuts down at a certain time Bob does everything he can to “straighten the hair” of his Blue team. In the meantime it’s the first week since O’Neil (Blue team) does not have immunity. Will his luck run out? Then there is Lance O’Neil’s teammate who is facing that 300lb wall. Will he go under that weight this week, will he lose any weight at all, or will he cause his team to lose the weigh-in? The weigh-in get even more intense as the Black team steps up to the scale. It all comes down to Sam. Will his weight loss send another Blue team member home or will the Black team enter the elimination room for the first time? No matter what the results are a family may possibly be separated.

Next week brings on more intensity as repercussions of this elimination takes its toll on members from both sides as they deal with several emotional issues. Tune in to see the triumphs and the meltdowns.

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