The Monday Night War Begins Again… Tonight

If you’re a wrestling fan, after watching this ten-minute video, you have to be excited.

The Monday night war is back.

With an up and coming roster that includes athletes the likes of Rob Terry and D’Angelo Dinero, some of the brightest and talented athletes in the sport such as A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe, as well as a host of time proven commodities like Kurt Angle and Sting, TNA has more than enough of a chance to come out swinging tonight against the big, bad WWE.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting that TNA would headline their first “real” Monday night show with a tag team match between the team of Hulk Hogan and Abyss and Ric Flair and Styles. Not for nothing, unless Hogan and Flair are going to push themselves and wrestle their asses off, not many would be interested in seeing either one of them pound the mat with the garden variety moves they bring to the table now.

Even though they are without a doubt the two biggest stars to ever grace the ring, who wants to see Flair slap a figure-four on Hogan or the Hulkster give the Nature Boy the leg drop… again? It’s been done before, countless times, and even though it helped put WCW on the map almost 20 years ago, these parlor tricks will not induce a resurgence in TNA. Old fans want to see fresh faces, new moves and great story lines. Hogan and Flair can be mentors to both Abyss and Styles in this fashion, but getting in the ring isn’t going to do anything but help get the company a sponsorship with Sleepy’s.

However, if Hogan powerbombs Styles or Flair manages to squeeze a DDT on Abyss or something totally out of the blue like that, wrestling fans around the world will know that TNA isn’t playing games. The same thing goes for what happens with the host of other matches scheduled. Make no mistakes about it- for TNA to get off the ground running, every match has to be a winner, as well as every segment. The last time they put on a Monday night show, they made several small and a few glaring mistakes. Those definitely need to be fixed this time around.

With the in-ring talent the company has and the amount of bodies they’ve gotten from the WWE over the past six months, TNA has an opportunity to do some very creative things and they have to strike fast. Wrestling fans are weird like that. If they don’t feel that TNA is trying to keep them on the edge of their seats, they’ll switch right back over and be satisfied with what the WWE is showing.

With that being said, this looks to be one of the biggest night’s in the history of the sport.

Depending on how risky both of these companies get, things have the possibility of never being the same after tonight.

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