Last Week in Free Mp3s 4-26

“Stole My Heart” – Little & Ashley

It’s the song that you can’t get out of your head from one of those e-book commercials. The snippet of the jingle is annoying enough, but to hear it in its entirety sounds like punishment. The sing-song rhythm doesn’t help as it sounds like a nursery rhyme a sociopath would hum. If this were the case, then the song would be palatable. But it isn’t, so skip it.

“Wake Up!” – Shooter Jennings & Hierophant

If you missed your chance to get this download when it was free several weeks ago, then now is your chance. The lyrics are still ripe with meaning and the musicianship is still tight. It’s one hard-rocking experience that you’ll want to hear continuously.

“King of Spain” – The Tallest Man on Earth

Who knew that Swedish folk music could sound so infectiously good? The acoustic guitar styling of Kristian Matsson will have you tapping your feet along this up-tempo beat. With straight forward lyrics and strong folksy rhythm “King of Spain” is sure to hold a special space in your mp3 player.

“Too Late For Lovers” – Gin Wigmore

Gin Wigmore’s luscious voice will remind you of Macy Gray – only not annoying and talented. You won’t care what she sings just as long as she doesn’t stop. Luckily this song is worthy of her musical style. Co-written by Wigmore “Too Late For Lovers” will leave you wanting to hear more from this artist.

“Just Impolite” – Plushgun

To use Johnny Cash as a lyric you need to be brazen and have a song that is worthy of his name. Unfortunately “Just Impolite” doesn’t measure up. It blends too far into the background to the extent that you don’t know when it began or when it’s over. Its one thing to be bad and quite another to not be remembered. Skip it.

“Take It In” – Wye Oak

This track starts off with great promise but then goes on, and on, and on. The begging doesn’t help as there is a monotonous pleading to “please stay.” Do yourself a favor and don’t bother.

“Vibrationz” – Javelin

Another promising start to another monotonous-sounding track. If you want to put yourself in a coma then download this, otherwise forget it.

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