Last Week in Free MP3s 4-28

Whether it’s a chance to find a new artist or be given fair warning, this week’s downloads remind us why these tracks are free.

“Kungen” – Love Is All

After 2 minutes and 40 seconds this song grows on you. It’s too bad that the song is 2 minutes and 46 seconds long. The beginning sounds as if it’s a rip-off of a demo from The Partridge Family and it goes downhill from there. Skip it.

“Take Me Away” – Taking Dawn

There’s nothing special about “Take Me Away.” However this average rock song has solid musicianship that makes it a listenable track.

“Never Follow Suit” – The Radio Dept.

This track starts off with promise but falls flat with its monotonous, rhythmic melody. The spoken word in the middle does not help either. This song is too busy figuring out what it’s trying to be and that makes for a frustrating listening experience. Don’t waste your time.

“Sit Alone” – Arranged Marriage

After a sea of mediocre free downloads “Sit Alone” may sound like a masterpiece. Although it is a decent song it’s still boring. Still it knows what it is and the musical arrangement makes it palatable.

“Magnetic North” – Aqualung

The slow, melodic start of “Magnetic North” helps you settle in for what will be an emotional listening experience. The hauntingly sung lyrics companioned with the dream-like piano gives the music an otherworldly air that is rooted in the reality of the protagonist pleading for love or help. You’ll spend the whole song trying to figure out which and then go back and listen to it again.

“The Roll of Characteristics (Of History in the Making )”
– Cornershop

This track is fun to listen to. The up-tempo (heavily influenced by the sitar) beat coupled with well orchestrated lyrics will have you feeling good and rocking to the music. However go back and listen to the words. In their peppy, lyrical mask Cornershop has something important to say. And that’s the mark of a song with replay appeal.

“Gee Baby” – Jo and Ann

From Ace records greatest hits album “Gee Baby” is exemplary of the grooving late ‘50s music scene. The lyrics are straightforward and are backed up with a great southern musical sensibility and horn arrangement that will have you wishing that this track is longer than it is. Luckily you can play it continuously.

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