Starbucks Pick of the Week: Patty Griffin ‘Little Fire’

Patty Griffin takes on a new challenge with her album “Downtown Church” as she tackles Christian music and places it alongside the country and folk genres. Recorded in a church Griffin takes advantage of the acoustic framework and creates musical magic with “Little Fire.” Written by Griffin this track sounds like an age-old hymn and fresh at the same time as a gentle acoustic guitar introduces us to the pleading-for-assistance lyrics. The harmonies are also tight as she and Emmylou Harris create a lullaby with their voices.

As a lyricist Griffin emphasizes emotion over religious doctrine. Her point in this track seems to be one friend reaching out in need to another. “My friend, you know me and my family/You’ve seen us wandering through these times” are the words of someone crying out for a helping hand not a handout. It’s a track that makes you long for the comfort of the arms of a protector and that is something that resonates no matter your religious belief-system.

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