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Episode Commentary: “Point of No Return”

The angel Zachariah (Kurt Fuller) in a space of moments is fired and in the most dramatic way possible regains his middle management position. Meanwhile Dean decides to be Michael’s “muppet.” It’s the 100th episode of “Supernatural” and the Winchesters have reached “The Point of No Return.”

Writer Jeremy Carver has pulled out all the stops as the angels decide on a plan b and bring back Sam and Dean’s brother, Adam who was eaten by a ghoul earlier in the season. As Dean still attempts to sacrifice himself he admits to Sam that he’s lost his faith in him. The confrontation between brothers is heart wrenching as they play into the hands of both the angels and Satan by dividing and conquering themselves.

It’s interesting to see how this show has re-imagined the viewers’ idea of what angels are supposed to be. Zachariah has reached the pinnacle of bitterness and “avoided certain truths to manipulate” Adam. Then there’s Castiel who gives Dean the beat down his father never did. They seem to act more of the bestial side of human. It leads one to question how can we come to turns with our own humanity? Perhaps the one way is through family as Sam and Dean reunite and find their faith in each other again. We need to remember that their last separation is what brought on Armageddon in the first place.

The pace of the episode is short and exciting as the action scenes are amped to a level that will have you holding your breath. Castiel does some intriguing things with short swords and a box cutter. Then there’s Dean who for the first time in 100 episodes holds on to his weapon. What he does with it the audience never sees coming.

As the Winchesters decide to redefine fate and take the fight to both heaven and hell they are sidetracked by a motel that even Norman Bates would be terrified of. The episode is not called “Hammer of the Gods” for nothing.

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