Thoughts on TNA’s Top 10 System

Just when you thought TNA couldn’t get any crazier with Rob Van Dam winning the TNA World Championship, Eric Bischoff and the rest of the TNA Championship committee recently announced a new top 10 contender system, which will give fans more of a say of who gets title shots.

Before we get into this further, check out this link and video from TNA , explaining the system.

OK, now that you guys understand the new system, lets break down its strengths and flaws:


It gives fans a say: TNA’s fans are a passionate bunch, so putting more power into their hands is definitely a good way to make them happier. As well, with the amount of talent the company is building up, it’s a great way for WWE fans to share their thoughts on who should be battling it out in the company as well.


It’s still a politics game: As of right now, only Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, The Pope, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Rob Terry, Desmond Wolfe and AJ Styles are on the list. If TNA wanted to truly be as innovative as possible, and let the entire TNA roster be made available to vote for, they would have opened the flood gates for the fans. Imagine how crazy it would be to see someone like Shark Boy get a World Title shot during a main event of Impact? We’ve seen it before in the NHL with players like Rory Fitzpatrick, who almost won a spot in the All-Star game a few years back, proving that sometimes the most entertaining drama is reality itself.

Regardless of the fact that professional wrestling is scripted, this would make the shows much more unpredictable than they have been lately and perhaps play a role in revitalizing it for both new and old fans.

As well, it’s a joke that Samoa Joe is on the outside, looking in. Fans want the guy back in the “real” mix.

Final Thoughts:

It’s a good idea, but if TNA ends up controlling the ten wrestlers in those slots, this “system” doesn’t change a damn thing in the sport.

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