Aqua Teen Hits Triple Digits

Episode Commentary: One Hundred

No one would have thought eight years ago, not even the show’s creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, that Aqua Teen Hunger Force would have gotten to 100 episodes.

Seriously, considering the show’s basic and simple premise, how many times did anything think someone could watch a milk shake, box of fries, meatball and their disgusting neighbor get into trouble?

However, after infecting late-night nerds and stoners across the country with its unique blend of comedic genius, the show has become a cult-hit and is currently the longest-running series on Adult Swim.

Taking a second to admire that in this episode, well 11 minutes to be exact, the food products we’ve all grown to love get taken for a ride that not only forces them into a “Scooby Doo”-like world, but also forces Dana Snyder out of the fourth wall of sorts, as he breaks character in his disgust that the show isn’t going to get him the cash and celebrity he’s always wanted.

Simply put, seeing Snyder pop out of the Shake suit is utterly hilarious and one of the main reasons to tune into the show.

Seeing Meatwad and the rest of the group, including Carl find themselves in an alternate reality to protect themselves from the “One Hundred Episode Monster” is the other.

With these events fueling the episode and all the cracks the characters are making against themselves, shocked that they are even in this predicament, you get a sense that both Willis and Maiellaro are humbly acknowledging the support the fans have given them over the years, by giving them more of what they want.


Quick-paced and action packed, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is as funny as ever and doesn’t look to start slowing down anytime soon.

“One Hundred” is proof of that.

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