KFC’s Double Down…Worth the Heartburn?

Let’s face it, when walking into KFC, you’re not exactly telling the world you’re the epitome of health. So if you’re going to go, go big, or go home.

The Double Down.

Is a sandwich a sandwich without bread?

It doesn’t matter.

KFC’s new Double Down Chicken Sandwich doesn’t care about bread. The only thing it will do is distract you from the two pieces of fried chicken mashed together with a glorious concoction of cheese, bacon, and zesty sauce in between. Just like anything we buy from fast food places, it looks nothing like the commercial.

As you open the bag to your meal and see that it is not only in a box, but is wrapped in paper to contain the grease, you know you’ve gone past the point of no return. You are about to dive headfirst into something so deliciously naughty you feel as if you are committing a sin. As you take your first bite, you are immediately kicked in the mouth with flavors. Yes, that’s the Colonel’s chicken alright, with a little bit of a spice to it.

Again, like most other sandwiches, it takes you a bite or two to really get into the entire spiel. On the third bite, you are knee deep in a combination of chicken bacon cheese and zest that cannot be matched by anything you can find at major fast food places. The bacon is your typical fast food bacon- nothing to rave about. And the cheese as well, typical fast food cheese. But when you put these two together, with a sauce that dances on your taste buds, accompanied by the fried glory we all know and love- forget it.

This sandwich shakes you at your core.

You can’t help getting the feeling that you either need to shower immediately or find the nearest gym. This sandwich is so delicious you will feel dirty. If you don’t have a Cardiologist, find one, this sandwich, while absolutely delicious may take two years off your life. When and if you finish this sandwich, you are left with the vibrations of spiciness in your mouth. Wipe the sweat from your brow and you sit and marinate in the moment.

Words like “wow” and “oh Jesus that was good” start to pop into your head.

This sandwich, however, isn’t for the weak of stomach. There should be a heartburn warning on the box, but let’s be real, you know what your getting into when you order the DD. This sandwich offers you an unmatched twist on a classic meal that’s usually nice and neat. This is a fried chicken lovers absolute dream. This rebellious piece of yum will leave you more than satisfied.

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