Rundown of Free Comic Day Offerings: Part One

There is danger in the word free. It could mean a pleasurable experience or a monumental waste of time and energy. However, the endeavor is a worthy quest worth doing. That said, here are some highlights of May 1st, the day that comic lovers live for.

Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock:

Based on the muppets that were created in the ‘80s Jim Henson’s Fraggles are a lovable group of characters geared towards the pre-teen age group. Out of the free comic bunch this one is not only entertaining it gives those who are reading it an array into new vocabulary. What’s even more interesting is David Peterson’s Mouse Guard. Set in the 16th century it tells the tale of the mouse monarch Gwendolyn as she writes in her journal about the coming of spring, its dangers and the loss of one brave mouse. This isn’t a cutesy mouse story, but one of a fight for survival. You almost believe that they’re not vermin – almost.

The Tick:

As an enterprising young artist and comic fan Ben Edlund created The Tick. This rather large being, dressed in blue, with a view-master around his neck swears that he is a superhero. He also believes that he is a tick. His “nigh-invulnerable” status coupled with his possible mental illness allows Edlund to play with the tropes of the super-hero comic genre. It also makes for great fun.

Green Hornet:

For the television series the Green Hornet consisted Van Williams as the Hornet and Bruce Lee as Kato. When it came to Bruce Lee’s scenes they had to ask him to slow down his kung-fu moves. Yes, Lee was that amazing. Now comes the Green Hornet and Kato is a woman – at least in one version. This freebie is chocked full of comic goodness as each section highlights an ongoing series in the Green Hornet mythos. From origins to how there became a female Kato will intrigue you and leave you wanting more. Speaking of tempting you with comics, the ads for several comic series (Vampirella, Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega, The Phantom, not to mention The Complete Alice in Wonderland) will have you searching for all these books. The artwork alone takes your breath away. It’s also nice to see Vampirella. Before the teen-vampire sensation, vampires were a purely adult form of entertainment. It would be interesting to see where the storyline has picked up from.

Love and Capes:

A superhero comic about a well-adjusted married couple? Yes, it’s possible – not only that it’s funny too. Created, written and artwork by Thomas F. Zahler, Love and Capes has the lighthearted touch that will have you intrigued from beginning to end. There are no big explosions, nor major super villains trying to take over the world, just some good old-fashioned dialogue, relationship issues and the banality of flying third class. It’s a nice change of pace that you should give a try.

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Donna-lyn Washington has a M.A. in English from Brooklyn College. She is currently teaching at Kingsborough Community College where her love of comics and pop culture play key parts in helping her students move forward in their academic careers. As a senior writer for ReviewFix she has been able to explore a variety of worlds through comics, film and television and has met some interesting writers and artists along the way. Donna-lyn does a weekly podcast reviewing indie comics and has also contributed entries to the 'Encyclopedia of Black Comics,’ the academic anthology ‘Critical Insights: Frank Yerby’ and is the editor for the upcoming book, ‘Conversations With: John Jennings.’

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