These Arms Won’t Be Alone for Long

These Arms Alone is a band from Los Angeles, California that has an exclusive sound compared to other four-piece groups. In the most simplest terms, their melody can be considered heavy grunge with post hardcore and metal influences, which are extremely similar to other female-fronted bands such as Lacuna Coil and Flyleaf.

Even though the band is not nearly as publicized as they would want it to be, These Arms Alone’s LP, “All These Nights,” (released in 2004) and EP, “Roses,” (released on January 21, 2010) can easily be found on I-Tunes.

With the assistance of Facebook and MySpace, These Arms Alone is networking themselves as much as possible in order to interest all that are willing to listen.

For anybody that’s attempting to impress the music industry, having your songs displayed in multiple places shows pure seriousness and love for the field.

That is exactly what Leah Page, Josh Eichenstein, Dorian Levi and Lior Dar seem to be demonstrating.

The tracks off of their newest EP consist of “Maria,” “Breathe,” “Don’t Stop” and “Sessile.”

Providing vocals for this team of four, Page, truly knows how to work her stuff. Her voice is soft and whispery, but manages to be rough and controlling all within the same time. It’s obvious that she tells a story while putting all of her emotion and passion into her lyrics.

If fans try hard enough, depending on the song, listening to Page’s voice can almost create an image of what type of body language and passion she’s expressing at that moment.

During the song “Maria,” the entire band incorporates a sturdy and addictive harmony. Usually basses are difficult to hear over guitar, but Eichenstein (bassist) allows himself to be heard. The bass gives off its’ own individual power that generates the harshness of the hard-hitting drums and significant guitar riffs into something bigger than what they already are. Such a performance would donate energy and be the cause of an audience to be hype and impressed.

On the other hand, “Don’t Stop” is the complete opposite.

This particular tune is quite the tear-jerker, but than again, everybody is entitled to release sadness every now and then. Throughout a majority of the track, rather than playing his typical sound on guitar, Levi keeps it acoustic. Electric guitar, and drums are only added within a tiny section of the piece.

Page’s lyrics reminisce about an important person in her life that is difficult to let go of. She feels as if this individual and her can simply build their lives back up, rather than pronouncing the entire situation as “the end.” Levi’s acoustic is an outstandingly beautiful addition to the feelings that Page portray.

The wonderful aspect that These Arms Alone carry is the ability to adjust their works due to the mood that they are in. It enables the band as a whole to flaunt the fact that a group doesn’t always have to keep one certain sound just because they are categorized in a selective genre.

For a number of reasons, “Sessile,” by far and without a doubt, is the best song off of “Roses.” This is because the band’s mix of genres is dramatically noticeable and randomly placed within four minutes.

At the beginning, Dar (drummer) effortlessly beats a hardcore sound, Levi performs the heaviness of grudge, all while, Eichenstein creates a very metal bass chord. Regardless of the genre they are going for, These Arms Alone easily carry out each of their parts and find a way to sync it together as one.

Even though this group is clearly good at what they do, everything contains a flaw.

“Breathe” is somewhat predictable, even if someone has never heard it before. The song explains the anxiety of that a person may have when that special somebody is no longer beside them. Therefore, having trouble breathing. Amongst certain parts, Page occasionally huffs and puffs between her words, assuming that’s what she was intentionally doing to express her feelings. She could have been a lot more creative with the lyrics and the title of the track itself.

Not every song can possibly be up to par, but nobody ever said that was a horrible thing.

These Arms Alone has a fantastic sense of style, let alone remarkable members; slight mistakes never hurt, but can only be altered.

With the outstanding EP “Roses” recently released, and the ongoing fame this band is willing to strive for, These Arms Alone has the likeliness and potential of hitting it big outside of Los Angeles, California- in more places than imaginable.

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