Last Week in Free MP3s 6-09

“Big Jet Plane” – Angus & Julia Stone

Remember when you were 4 and you would rhyme songs that just sounded right together. In your 4-year old brain you formed something great. Perhaps it was cute, but you were 4. It’s not as adorable once you’ve reached adulthood. It’s noise, annoying, irritating noise and Angus & Julia Stone should stop – now.

“Crutch & Cane” – Peter Wolf Crier

Peter Wolf Crier’s “Crutch & Cane” will remind you of the b-side to a Peter, Paul and Mary or a Mamas and Papas’ track. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Then again why settle for someone who sounds like those iconic bands when you can download the real thing?

“Forgiveness” Sarah McLachlan

From her latest album Laws of Illusion, Sarah McLachlan has created another song to add to her iconic status as soulful, light-music songstress. This is one woman who can manipulate your emotions and make you want more. You’ll never figure out why you like McLachlan’s sound, and you won’t care. It’s also the perfect track to release to represent the album. If the songs sound half as good as this one, then pre-order or do whatever you need to and get it as soon as it’s released.

“Promises” – The Morning Benders

“Promises” sounds amazing – until you hear the lyrics. If this was solely an instrumental track, then it would be near genius in its sound. Instead it’s as if the mediocre lyrics are fighting to be heard above an otherwise great tune. If you can find the song without the words, then go for it. But this unfinished, sounding track is not worth the free download.

“Kon Tiki” – Plants and Animals

You want to like “Kon Tiki,” but Plants and Animals won’t allow you to. Between its ordinary sound and bane lyrics you’ll be exhausted by its mundane-ness. Skip it.

“1977” – Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux’s “1977” successfully attempts to be a rap track sung in Spanish. Think Digable Planets with a Latin beat in the way it uses the mariachi sound the way Digable Planets infused their tracks with Jazz influences. It may just get you to appreciate Reggaeton.

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