Review Fix How-To Series: Bartender Don’ts

Despite the fact that many bar patrons stop by an establishment to chat with a friendly bartender, bartenders should keep in mind that the nuts and bolts of their job is to make good drinks and provide professional service. No customer will come back for a tasteless cocktail or a warm beer; no matter how awesome the talking was. Therefore, if sitting in an empty bar with a dollar in your pocket after serving ten people is not what you are striving for and if the reputation of your establishment and customer satisfaction mean a lot to you, here are some tips that can help you to avoid any disappointment:

1. Don’t break the vow of cleanliness. Imagine your customers’ reaction when they see a lipstick on the glass you have just given them. They may play on your nerves and make you change the glass, but they will be very unlikely to come back or recommend the place to a friend. Your hair in their drink may be even worse than that. And do not count on the dimness of the bar that conceals your mistakes; just do a clean job.

2. Don’t tell customers awkward jokes or gross anecdotes. For example, avoid mentioning the resemblance of beer to urine with a dirty laugh. It won’t do you any good.

3. Don’t waste liquor. Put the amount you are supposed to use for the drink you are mixing. Sometimes customers ask you to make it stronger and you can add a drop more, but remember that if you give them too much liquor for the same price, the bar owner loses money and you may lose your job.

4.Don’t forget to ask for IDs. You know that it is illegal to serve alcohol to someone who is underage. Besides, young people who are not 21 yet know it, too and may use it to their own advantage. What if they attempt to leave without paying their tab? Would you call the police to stop them? You know that the answer is “no.” Therefore, don’t try to compromise and just avoid the trouble.

5. Don’t let customers get too drunk. If you see that they should not drink anymore, stop serving drinks. When people are boozed, they may insult others, including you, they may get involved into a fight or an accident and again, they may leave without paying the bill. You are hurting them and not doing them a favor when you keep serving drinks when they have already had enough.

6. Don’t make your drinks too sweet. The only good “too much” in bartending is “too strong,” as customers seldom complain about that. Do not forget that some flavored liquors, such as Triple Sec and Watermelon Pucker are very sweet, so do not overuse them. It is a drink and not a candy, so it should not be very sugary.

7. Don’t serve your drinks warm. Do not leave white wine and beer outside the fridge. Ask customers if they want you to chill their shots. Even if they ordered a vodka neat, they may not want to drink it warm. Remember that asking questions shows the customers that you wish to give them the best service they deserve and make them willing to give you the best tip you do.

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