Rundown of Free Comic Day Offerings: Part Four

Sonic the Hedgehog:

From Ian Flynn and James Fry comes a dark look at the Hedgehog universe. It’s after the diabolical and insane Dr. Robotnik goes underground in his egg base after he has destroyed the planet Mobius. Now a metal wasteland Sonic has tracked him down, but before he can confront the crazy doctor he is met with one of his organic-techno creations. Will Sonic defeat this monster or will he get help from an unsuspecting source? It’s an interesting look at a character that we only know from the game and the cartoon. There’s a whole world to be explored and this is a nice jumping off point to the series.

Doctor Solar Man of Atom/Magnus Robot Fighter:

“Courage is the will to overcome fear” or so Dr. Phillip Solar, Man of Atom believes as he becomes a superhero due to an absorption of nuclear energy. In its stable of complex super-powered beings, Dark Horse comics has created a world where there is a considerable amount of negotiation going on between doing what’s right and just wanting to go home. It’s also an intriguing look into a comic book world that readers rarely are aware of. Between the mega staples in the Marvel and DC universe it’s easy to overlook other characters or make comparisons, but in this case to see any similarities between the Man of Atom and any other character would be a disservice to this book.

Then there’s Magnus Robot Fighter. He’s exactly what the title entails – a fighter of sentient robots who battles the criminal elements of that community. Jim Shooter who wrote both Solar and Magnus gives a familiar vision for those who read about these characters when they belonged to Valiant comics. Now as a part of the Dark Horse universe will Rai and Turok Son of Stone be far behind?

Superman: War of the Supermen:

Whenever you put the word “new” in front of a planet that was destroyed, you’re sure to have problems. In this case Superman has an issue with Zod in the battle for New Krypton. Zod has decided to declare war on earth and Kal-El in his usual subtle way blows a hole through a wall and informs Zod that he will stop him. What comes next will have you wondering if this series is worth following. Perhaps, it seems standard Superman fare. If there’s anyone who wants to jump onboard the new limited series in this battle for New Krypton, then it’s the comic for you.

Bongo Comics Free for All:

It seems that Krusty the clown is having a crisis of faith. After streaming a line of expletives, he is ordered not to be funny anymore. So what does he do – works at the nuclear plant and puts up a cartoon of Garfield. It all turns out well in the end, but that’s not why you read this type of comic. The Simpsons have been a staple on television for over 20 years, so it’s no wonder that the comic has the same flavor and witty sensibility that the series has. The other shorts with baby Maggie and intellectual Lisa, not to mention Bart will have you laughing out loud. It’s a satisfying romp for any fan of the Simpsons and this band of characters.

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