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Now that we’ve all had a chance to see “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” this past weekend, maybe we can all agree that Kristen Stewart’s character, Bella Swanson, is pretty fortunate to find herself in the love triangle she’s in right now. On top of having to decide between two unusually good-looking guys, they’re made even more attractive by their awesome supernatural powers: While Robert Pattinson plays a vampire who can live for centuries on end, the werewolf that Taylor Lautner plays can unleash the beast anytime he pleases.

Even with all the good looks these two have to offer, it’s strange to see Bella react as strongly as she does to a pair of monsters – most of the women you see in these kinds of films would be running for the hills.

What no one seems to be able to agree upon, though, is which one of Bella’s suitors she should give her heart to. For reasons I’m not quite able to get my head around, most Twi-hards are leaning toward the vampire, Edward, the sickly looking fellow with jaundiced eyes and pale skin. Considering the fact that the werewolf, Jacob, has too many muscles to count (and, as a bonus, is part of a gang where no one ever puts a shirt on), you have to wonder what Bella finds so exciting about a guy like Edward. Maybe he’s one of those vampires who uses mind control.

Seriously, though, even if Bella’s not the type who can be charmed by good looks (the insanely good looks of a muscle god, at that), Bella should know better than to run off with Edward while poor Jacob spends the rest of his lonely life baying her name at the moon. After all, if you’ll recall what happened in last year’s “Twilight” movie, “New Moon,” part of the reason why Jacob fell so hard for Bella is because of the time he spent with her once Edward left. Sure, Edward told Bella that she was in danger as long as he stuck around, but keep in mind that by leaving, he left her defenseless – namely to the other gang of vampires, the ones that kill humans for food.

As if Edward’s foolhardy judgment weren’t bad enough, remember also that when Bella crossed paths with one of those vile vampires, it was Jacob and the other werewolves who rescued her. Never trust Edward to do a Jacob job, I guess.

Now that Edward’s back in the picture for this new film, you’d think that he’d have to work to earn Bella’s forgiveness, but all he does is resume his power over her by telling Bella how he knows what’s best for her well-being. Although the “Twilight” films have their fair share of plot holes, the biggest one is probably that Bella would want anything to do with this jerk.

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