Indecent Egyptian Exposure

“Egypt Exposed: The True Origins of Civilizations,” is a documentary that reexamines the origins of Ancient Egypt and the great monuments that stand to this day. Directed by award-winning filmmaker, Philip Gardiner, the documentary revolves around the life and work of author, Robert Bauval.

Bauval was born in Egypt but he, himself, is not an Egyptian. In order to have the title of Egyptian, one must be of Egyptian blood. Bauval is of Persian ancestry.

Bauval grow up in a family of carpenters and construction workers, but he always had an interest in the Egyptian history and started his quest into the unknown with a trip to the Cairo museum and to the infamous three pyramids. He noticed right off the bat that only two of the three were perfectly aligned. The third was a little offset. For years, he wondered why until he took a look up at the night sky and saw the constellation of Orion. The alignment of the pyramids matched up with Orion’s belt, two stars are evenly aligned and the third is offset. The pyramids and the Orion constellation are not the only coincidence that Egypt has to offer.

A few years later, Bauval had another encounter with outer space and Egyptian monuments. The notable memorial of the Sphinx was his next major discovery. Bauval uncovered that the Sphinx faces the constellation of Leo, the lion. Bauval concluded that the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs had a desire to ascend back into the heavens; we are now learning that building their monuments to face certain areas in the night sky were their approach to achieving that desire.

The film also beings up the issue that many people attempt to avoid which is the reason behind the existence of the human race. Examining this could be grounds for an uncomfortable discussion or of people attempted to discover answers from things that are external from the human body. Bauval believes that the human race may never discover or truly understand their purpose of being here.

In Gardiner film, Bauval is the only person being interviewed in what looks to be a hotel room and the interview is accompanied by photographs of real Egyptian artifacts and graphic designs, which are borderline amateur, to full empty space throughout the interview. As a result, it’s lacking the credibility needed to be taken  as seriously as it should.

If you are looking for information on the history and mysteries of Ancient Egypt, you might want to give this documentary a once over. However, considering the bland presentation and lack of charismatic information sharing, this isn’t a production for everyone.

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