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“Wake Up The Nation” – Paul Weller

Paul Weller’s punk rock roots show up in “Wake Up The Nation.” Still with the song’s title being constantly repeated you’ll feel as if you’re being beat over the head with its didactic message. However, if you’re in the mood for some light punk rock, then give it a shot.

“Hold Me Down” – Sia

Whatever “Hold Me Down” is trying to be, listenable is not it. Sia’s lethargic singing will turn you off. It’s as if she’s garbling the lyrics, making this one annoying track. Skip it.

“Tattoos & Tequila” – Vince Neil

From the latest album of the same name Vince Neil has one rocking song that has some definite replay value. It’s a fun track that’s heavy on solid guitar licks and rhythmic, metal drumming. Get it before the-powers-that-be realize that they’re giving this away.

“Learned to Surf” – Superchunk

“Learned to Surf” isn’t a bad punk-rock song, but it’s not revolutionary either. It’s also a bit on the self-indulgent side lyrically and is about three minutes and 52 seconds too long.

“On a Wicked Night” – Danzig

From their latest album “Deth Red Sabbaoth” Danzig has created a melodically macabre, heavy-metal song that rocks. With few lyrics to get in the way of the solid musicianship “On a Wicked Night” shines. Who knew that you could get your point across musically with great guitar riffs and well-written lyrics?

“Gravitate” – Lou Barlow

If there is such a genre as folk-metal rock, then Lou Barlow has mastered it. “Gravitate” is everything you want a rock song with a tinge of heavy metal to be – witty lyrics, heavy on the drumming and solid guitar playing. Get it.

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