Last Week in Free MP3s 7-29

“Comedown” – Bush

This acoustic version of this mid-‘90s tune sounds just as amazing as it did then, if not more so. It encapsulates raw, desperate energy where you’ll feel as if you’re on the verge of going completely overboard emotionally. The solid musicianship alone is worth the price of admission.

“Paris (Ooh La La)” – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Guitars, drums and a voice that kicks butt make “Paris (Ooh La La)” one amazing track. You just can’t sit still when you hear that rhythmic beat and wailing guitar. It also ends way too soon. Don’t think twice about downloading it.

“Die” – Carissa’s Weird

The beginning of “Die” is your basic, mediocre angry-chick song, but wait there are some good things on this track. Although the beginning may turn you off the harmonies and intrinsic piano playing will make it worth the free download.

“Electrocution” – Nada Surf

With a sound reminiscent of The Mamas and The Papas, Nada Surf has created a song with an up-tempo beat that you will find yourself humming incessantly after first listen. And that’s not a bad thing.

“Blue Sunshine” – Blue Giant

Bluegrass rock with a folksong edge is what “Blue Sunshine” will remind you of. These genres play beautifully off each other with simple lyrics and solid guitar playing. There’s also a healthy dose of handclapping and harmonica playing that is infectious.

“Outrage” Sister Sin

Have you ever felt anger for anger’s sake? If you have then this track is for you. It’s riddled with lyrics that are filled with fury – at what you don’t exactly know, but it’s done well. There’s also a nicely played guitar solo. That alone is worth downloading this track for.

“Dragon’s Song” – Blitzen Trapper

With a title like “Dragon’s Song” you would expect a heavy metal sound, not a folksy love ballad, but that’s just what you’ll get. With a sound similar to Bob Dylan’s early work, Blitzen Trapper has created a track that has a timeless quality – a wondrous feat considering “Dragon’s Song” is from their latest album that was released this year.

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