Thoughts on the TNA Rumble On Impact

This was the scene at the end of this past week’s TNA Impact.

Hear the crowd going crazy?

That’s because this might be one of the most interesting angles the company has put on in quite some time. Sure, ECW was killed by the WWE, but that doesn’t mean that TNA can’t have something of their own to celebrate the brand for themselves. At first, it looks like Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Stevie Richards and Rhino are in this all by themselves, but after a few minutes, D-Von Dudley, Rob Van Dam and Al Snow join in on the action.

A nice swerve, despite the fact that all of these wrestlers are out of their primes.

Kind of reminds you of the ECW invasion in WWE almost 15 years ago. Nevertheless, it’s a spice the show has been missing from the show. To see some of these guys work in the ring and push some of the young talent could be pretty interesting, right?

Well, it’s bound to happen now at this point, so get ready.

As well, considering what has gone on with Sting this month, Ric Flair beginning to start his own stable and Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff trying to change the company and infuse some more youth, this looks to be the beginning of an all out war in TNA.

It’s nice to Mick Foley back too. Let’s just hope the company finds a decent use for him this time around.

Because the way it stands now, this company needs something big.

While the new top 10 system has shown the depth of the Heavyweight Championship and every other belt having more than enough quality opponents to draw from, TNA needs a big storyline right now in the worst way.

Who knows if this will be it, but from the looks of it, TNA is going to try pretty damn hard to see where this takes them.

Simply put, aside from some new or returning talent and some of the youngsters getting bigger pushes than normal, Hogan and Bischoff haven’t changed things all that much. Having this brawl at the end of Impact this week brought a level of unpredictability and excitement to the show.

Anyone that knows anything about wrestling knows that those elements are crucial for this show to be in any place to take on the WWE.

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