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Episode Commentary: Beaverland

So many developments in this episode of “Hung” that the rest of season looks to be shaping up quite nicely. Not only does it look like Mike Hunt may have to join the business in order for it to stay afloat, but Ray Drecker has a sexy new customer in Liz [the uber-sexy Merrin Dungey] that appears that he can’t even help with his magic member. Add in more drama between Ronnie Haxton and his wife Jessica [who is seeing beavers her basement for some reason] and the always entertaining ravings of Lenore and Tanya and it’s fair to say that this episode was better than True Blood’s offering this week and one of the best so far this season.

Seeing Ronnie squirming to keep his wife happy and trying to compete with Ray is hilarious, especially considering he’s fighting a losing battle on both fronts. Where this ends up right now is anyone’s guess, but the tension is absolutely building up to the point that something huge is bound to happen by the season finale.

Even more thought-provoking is Tanya’s situation with her pimp friend, who is now buying her things. As well, it’s always nice to see Rhea Perlman on TV and even though her part is small here, she’s excellent at ripping her daughter’s self-confidence to shreds. Again, where this situation is going is unknown, but it’s definitely got plenty of drama, with multiple possibilities.

That’s what a good sitcom is all about and right now, “Hung,” is doing much more than holding it’s own.

However, by the end of the episode, the situation between Ray and his new client, Liz, who is a “human ice-cube,” is the most interesting because again, there are so many possibilities here. Classy and beautiful, yet knowing what she wants, Liz may be the most interesting client he’s had thus far. Considering the fact that she’s not a lunatic, pregnant or elderly, her chances at sticking around the on the show for at least a few episodes are a strong one, making for even more drama.

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