Our Ten Best: Set Up Moves in Professional Wrestling

In professional wrestling, one’s finishing move is obviously important in ending a match, but often times, it’s the move that comes beforehand that ends up turning the tide the most. Able Here’s ReviewFix.com’s list of the Top 10 set up moves in the industry.

10: The Great Muta: Dragon Screw Leg Whip- Usually followed up with a moonsault or a figure four leglock, Muta was a smooth operator, as these moves flowed beautifully into one another.

Video: From a video game, but it shows Muta applying the hold and transitioning it into a figure-four.

9: Lex Luger: Forearm Smash- Perpetuated by the fact that Luger had a steel plate in his elbow, the move was the precursor to the Torture Rack, a submission move no one ever escaped.

8: Goldberg: Spear- As a testament to its proficiency, Rhino uses this move as his finisher, but for Goldberg, this tackling maneuver was the perfect set up to the Jackhammer.

7: Chris Benoit: Multiple German Suplexes- A man of many moves, this one usually meant that a flying headbutt or a crippler crossface was on its way.

6: Eddy Guerrero: Brainbuster- Dropping someone on their neck is bad enough, but sliding them down on it in the vertical suplex is another. Done in the middle of the ring, this move was a great way to set up the frog splash.

5: Scott Steiner: Belly to Belly Suplex- After his persona change, Steiner used the Steiner recliner, but before that would always come a silky smooth swinging belly to belly suplex that everyone would kick out off. Nevertheless, it was pretty to watch.

4: Christopher Daniels: Last Rights- One of the niftiest versions of the Ace crusher to every be created, Daniels has a great moveset, but this was always a nice segway to the Angel’s Wings.

3: Taz: Tazplex- Much like Samoa Joe, this suplex transition into a choke-out finisher always worked in the ring.

2: Undertaker: Chokeslam- It didn’t matter what finisher ‘Taker was using in the ring, the chokeslam always brought the crowd down.

1: A.J. Styles: Pele Kick- You never see it coming. A backflip leg lariat, this move would work as a finisher, but as a set up move, it’s easily the most captivating in the industry today.

A special thanks to the Youtube community for providing the videos for this piece.

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