The Strangest Episode of Entourage, Thus Far

Who exactly knows what is going on with Vinny Chase and the guys of Entourage, anymore? With the show on its 7th season, trying to make a comeback from the most uneventful, boring previous season, it seems the show has taken an interesting turn.

Although the show hasn’t fully “jumped the shark” yet, it’s looking like it’s coming to an end. With Vin’s career going smoothly, Turtle making a name as an entrepreneur, E getting married and having his managing career totally stable, and Ari running the most successful agency in the world, what else is there to do besides give Drama his long awaited acting job?

So with the show’s status quo uneventful since last season, the show has been missing a dramatic spark to keep it interesting.

Episode 6, entitled “Hair” (for no apparent reason), was even stranger than the Psychedelic trip episode several seasons back. To sum it all up, E struggled with performing anal sex on his fiancé, Ari’s anger prevents him from making love to the beautiful “Mrs. Ari,” Drama still has no show, and threatens Bob Saget with a bat. These aren’t particularly strange scenarios, but what made this episode the strangest to date was the motley crew of random cameos.

The show usually has one or two A list celebs making guest appearances. But “Hair” brought together an unfathomable group of people. This episode included “Iron” Mike Tyson, comic book God Stan Lee, singer Jessica Simpson, and, of course, Sasha Grey, an infamous hardcore porn star.

This episode was awesome. Totally strange, but edgy the way the show used to be. Besides the plethora of random stars that made appearances, the show ended with the most awkward sex scene in the show’s history, in which E attempted to perform anal sex with Sloan.

The episode came from left field, and never before has this show left the viewer as uncomfortable as it did in this episode. Finally, it leaves the viewer asking more questions, such as: Is Ari going to get his sex life back? Will E ever be able to perform anal sex with his fiancé? Will Turtle get the tequila deal? And what exactly is Vince’s future with Sasha Grey, let alone, why is she even on the show?

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