True Blood, a Fairy Tale?

Season three, episode eleven “I Smell a Rat,” of HBOs hit series True Blood was, possibly, the most progressive episode of the series.

Apparently, Sookie is part fairy, and it is because of her being part fairy that is the reasons she has powers and no blood type. Perhaps, a show filled with vampires, shape-shifters and werewolves was missing a fairy in the mix, but the title is more than confusing. Who know that fairies could read minds or use white energy as protection from foes? But according to True Blood, they most certainly can.

What this means for the show is that the question of what Sookie is has finally been answered, and that is a question that has been asked since the show’s debut. In a way it makes sense, Sookie  does have a glow to her presence, and is very calming to look at. Surely, the writers of the show knew from day one that she was a fairy and so they made her character act accordingly, and so now it seems rather fitting.

Besides the groundbreaking discovery of her identity, “I Smell a Rat” was one of the more entertaining episodes thus far. Jesus and Lafayette indulge in a V induced drug trip in which the spin through visions of ancestry, and it turns out Sam has murdered two people in the past over stolen jewelry.

Sam never came off as the criminal type, and it wasn’t until the previous episode that his anger ever got the best of him, so maybe it’s not in his character to have that dark of a past, but that’s up in the air.

And Lafayette and Jesus’ drug trip was even more visually stimulating than Jason’s V trips from the first season. It was nice to see the show bring back that kind of shiny imagery which they’ve been stingy with. It definitely helped to keep the show edgy while still being very artistic, as it has been since the beginning.

The only issue with “I Smell a Rat” was that Russell’s didn’t have a big part. After the previous episode ending with him ripping out the spine of a news anchor and preaching the genocide of the human race, Russell became one of the better characters the show had to offer. It’s obvious that, with him being the seasons prime antagonist, they are going to keep the fans thirsty.

With two more episodes left and the show brewing a perfect setup for a fantastic season finale, season three has been more than superb. Yet again, True Blood has and will continue to succeed. Now, we are left with a fairy and tyrannical powerful vampire to battle it out for the last two exciting episodes of this season.

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