True Blood Redeems

Season three, episode nine, “Everything is Broken,” of HBOs True Blood, completely redeemed itself for last weeks poor excuse for an episode.

There wasn’t a significant amount of gore, but it wasn’t the gore that made the difference. What made the difference was the growth of the storyline, as questions are finally starting to be answered.

Finally, things are beginning to take shape and show the agenda behind the third season. It seems as though the Sookie storyline, and the Russell storyline are really unfolding, and rightfully so.

Sookie, who’s been the main protagonist since the shows debut, is finally beginning to develop as being “more human than human.” We knew from the start of the series that she has the ability to read minds, but other than that she was nothing more than the pretty waitress at Merlotte’s. However, throughout this season, and the end of the second, she has been able to harness some sort of energy, which takes shape as an uncontrollable white light that protects her when she needs it. That, as well as the fact that she has been living without a blood type leads the viewer questioning what she is actually is.

“Everything is Broken,” also brought on major political change within the show. The episode featured the first sightings of the vampire leadership, which granted Eric permission to secretly kill Russell. However, the end of the episode showed Russell ripping the spine out of a news anchor and publicly announcing that vampires will overpower humanity. What’s best about this development in the story is that, where Russell didn’t seem like the best antagonist from the start of the season, he has now turned into a tyrannical power seeking the genocide of the human race. This episode made him the best bad guy since the series began.

There are only three episodes left of season three and, undoubtedly, questions will be answered, and new questions will arise to set-up season four. Hopefully, by the finale, the full extent to Sookie’s powers will be revealed, and Russel will be stopped from killing off the humanity. All that’s for sure is that True Blood never fails.

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