When Announcers Ruin the Fun That’s Left

While this week’s Raw was nothing to get crazy about on its own merits, especially considering how many of the matches ended- in nonsensical and lackluster fashion, one man, on his one essentially ruined the experience.

Raw announcer Michael Cole was in a league of his own on Monday night, ripping Bryan Danielson one second, getting annoyed at R-Truth’s entrance antics the next and just maintaining a sour attitude throughout. Usually the good cop, to Jerry Lawler’s “bad, but cool” cop routine, Cole was totally off his game.

Who knows how much of this was part of the script and how much was ad-lib, but regardless, the WWE took the low road, at least when it comes to Danielson, making this week’s RAW a lackluster affair.

To call someone like Danielson a 10-year veteran of the minor leagues simply isn’t fair. The fact that he was even on NXT last season was simply a joke and one that show’s the WWE believes it’s in a league of its own. The fact that his “mentor” was The Miz, who in spite of being a solid in-ring competitor, isn’t in the same league as him, was even more of a tragedy.

Make no mistake about it, in spite of his size, Danielson is one of the best pure wrestlers in the world. On top of that, the guy has proven countless times that he doesn’t need a gimmick to be a success. Anyone who knows anything about wrestling has seen his matches in Ring of Honor and in Japan over the years understands that. For the WWE to act like none of that exists is a travesty that will bite them in the rear at some point.

Aside from that, hearing Cole interject on R-Truth’s elongated entrance and ask for him to speed it up, wasn’t classy. Sure, many viewers were saying the same thing in their heads, but for him to say that wasn’t necessary.

Add in the fact that the wrestling action on RAW gets worse every week [A former ECW champion in John Morrison was beaten with a clothesline from Nexus member Skipp Sheffield, which was strong, but nowhere near where a clothesline finisher should be. The one he gave Darren Young was a bit better] and little to no attention has been paid to the World Title and it’s fair to say that this company needs to get back to its roots and fast.

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