Wrestling Lemons

Another week of Raw, another week of missed opportunities, as a lackluster set of matches, more of the same prissy commentary by Michael Cole and a complete absence of excitement helped make this episode one of the least entertaining in quite some time.

With the show’s 900th episode coming next week, it’s a good thing the company managed to squeeze out this lemon in what hopes to be a quality episode.

Overall, between Wade Barrett getting promised a title shot at the next pay per view and the constant nonsense spewing from Cole’s mouth, Raw just isn’t as entertaining as it could be. Sheamus for example is a powerhouse and rather than have him mowing through the competition, the WWE has him play chicken to a rookie in Barrett [hell, Sheamus technically hasn’t earned his stripes in this business yet either and he’s champion] and fighting jobbers with only 15 minutes left in the show.

Talk about a joke- the main event for this week’s RAW, or the fact that Barrett’s boots don’t have a scuff on them yet and he’s already getting opportunities to fight for titles.

Even worse was the fans cheering Barrett on when he was intimidating Sheamus.

That alone is proof indeed that if you want to see quality WWE programming, you have to pay for it.

But after watching this poor excuse of a show, why would you want to?

Sure, the huge match planned for Night of Champions looks like it will be a barnburner, but there’s not enough heat right now between all of these stars to make the drama worthwhile. Just because you throw Sheamus and Barrett in the ring with guys the likes of Edge, Chris Jericho and John Cena doesn’t mean you’ve got a good match on your hands. The faster the marks stop paying for half-baked wrestling, fueled by big names and the sooner the WWE decides to show the world why they’re around today and WCW and ECW aren’t, the better the business will be for the fans that truly enjoy it.

That’s not to say that TNA is much better either, but at least you can watch quality wrestling for free [or close to it] and not be forced to watch Giant Khali embarrass himself. Seriously, why is he even allowed in the ring anymore and someone like Ted DiBiase can’t get a decent singles push?

Like the amount of licks it would take a blind man with a foot fetish to get to the bottom of Awesome Kong’s boots, the world may never get an answer to these questions.

And since we’re asking questions here, why is Cole still so opinionated? If herbing Bryan Danielson and R Truth wasn’t enough to annoy the smart marks, hearing him essentially rub the tummy of The Miz, every time he’s on camera, is getting old and fast.

All in all, it’s enough to drive a knowledgeable fan of this carnival show crazy. Wake up WWE. The “sport” is already in shambles; don’t help it get their any faster. Put this week behind you and surprise the fans for once.

Give them an amazing show.

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