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“Mogwai Fear Satan” – Mogwai

With what sounds like a warm-up the two minute intro to “Mogwai Fear Satan” may seem to be a waste of your time. A song title like that should bring on shades of Alice Cooper or Black Sabbath, not a prelude. And yet it’s the perfect beginning to this eleven minute opus. Yes it’s unexpected and in a good way. The song goes from quiet moments to bursts of heavy metal. It’s almost like the trickster himself – unpredictable, yet in control of the situation – knowing every angle to manipulate. Definitely this nearly 12-minute track deserves to take up that much space in your mp3 player.

“If You Let Me” – J.P. and Chrissie & The Fairground Boys

Listening to this high energy track will make you wonder why it’s free. It’s a rocking song with Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders as one of principle singers. It’s also the perfect track to promote her latest album collaboration with J.P. Don’t think twice about downloading this one.

“Madder Red” – Yeasayer

You won’t know why you like Yeasayer’s “Madder Red” and you won’t care. It sounds similar to a Duran Duran ballad or other ‘80s songs that makes you proud to love that decade’s music. The nearly indescribable rhythmic arrangement blends nicely with the sometimes self-depreciating lyrics. Get this track.

“Giving it All Away” – Dead Confederate featuring J. Mascis

“Giving it All Away” is not a terrible song, but if it weren’t free you probably wouldn’t look twice at it. Although the music is amazing the lyrics bring the song down. They’re too pedestrian and don’t mesh well with the creative musicianship. An instrumental version of this track would be great, otherwise skip it.

“Intervention” – Margaret Cho featuring Tegan and Sara

A track from a comedy album usually has a skit or excerpt from a routine. However, Margaret Cho’s “Intervention” is actually a song. The creative idea falls flat since it’s not funny. It sounds as if it should be from the television series of the same name. Don’t waste your time.

“Sand” – Heart

There’s nothing like an acoustic guitar and an iconic duo. Heart has been rocking for a long time and after over decades in the music business have settled into their own by creating music on their terms. That said “Sand” is simply a great ballad about loss. If you don’t get this song then you don’t know what real music is.

“Big Wave” – Jenny and Johnny

This up-beat tempo track with contradictory lyrics is surprisingly fun to listen to. If the music was as depressing as the lyrics then this track wouldn’t work. Instead you have a song that’s worth downloading.

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