Spinning the Wrestling Wheel to Bankrupt

This past week’s episode of Raw had a good vibe going for it originally. Considering the RAW roulette wheel was in play, some much-needed suspense was infused early on. However lackluster matches, which serve merely as fodder until the next pay per view ruined the show. That added with the continually annoying e-mails from the anonymous general manager and an equally annoying Chad Ochocinco made the season premiere of the show nothing special at all.

Between the aggravations Michael Cole causes the audience with his constant observations [Seriously, what ever happened to the good cop, bad cop routine that Raw used to have? Make no mistake about it, Jim Ross is missed] and seeing Ochocinco on a wrestling show, Raw does not cater to its loyal fanbase the way that they should anymore.

Regardless of what the ratings say and how much money the company makes, it is not the same product anymore. Having celebrities involved with the promotion worked 20 years ago, but it does not anymore.

Fans want to see great matches and there was not one on RAW last night. Every match consists of needless meandering, following by a finishing move or a run-in. That is not wrestling. That’s a soap opera with muscle-bound freaks acting.

At its core, wrestling is an art. The art of making someone believe you’re hurting someone when you’re barely touching them. The athletes involved are amazing specimens and if done correctly, the “sport” is a pure thrill to watch. What the WWE is doing though is trying to tease the viewer on cable in an effort to get them to pay for a match at a pay per view. This has been the case for decades of course, but now the WWE believe then can get by on the marks, and those who are so obsessed that they don’t care about the quality of the matches or storylines- as long as the show goes on.

Well guess what?

This show stinks.

The WWE had an opportunity to have a monster of a match between Randy Orton and John Cena and ruined it by having Nexus run in before a winner was crowned. The same thing goes for the matches between Sheamus and John Morrison and the Hart Dynasty and Chris Jericho, which in spite of a few high spots, were nothing special.

It’s understandable that the company wants to save their employees bodies by having them cut down on the hardcore matches and even the big time finishers [when was the last time you saw a powerbomb or RAW?], but what they have here is so watered down, only an idiot can watch it and not be sorely disappointed.

With the start of a new season underway, the WWE needs to spice things up and fast.

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